Technology the world trusts

When you’re looking for strong, immediate thrust and pulling power, rather than out-and-out speed, choose the engine that will deliver exactly that, whatever the

Every engine in the Yamaha T range uses the very latest Yamaha marine technologies, including the patented Dual-Thrust propeller – o ering maximum thrust in both Forward and Reverse, it provides e ortless manoeuvrability and easy stopping, even over short distances.

And, without compromising on power, performance or usability, Yamaha’s specially designed marine engines also help to preserve the environment through the use of pioneering clean-burn technologies.

  • Special gear ratios for higher thrust
  • Dual-Thrust prop – high-thrust in
  • Ergonomic shift lever on the tiller
  • Easy-fold tiller design for storage &
  • Extra resting pad for convenient
    vertical storage
  • Compact and e cient engine design
  • Remarkable power and impressive
  • Power tilt
  • CDI Ignition
  • High-output alternator
  • Shallow Water Drive for cruising close inshore
  • Fresh Water Flushing system

Technology the world trusts

For raw power and precise handling, an T model is the perfect answer. Ideal for sailing, shing and
working boats, these high-thrust, high-torque engines set new standards of performance, with
minimal noise and vibration – and maximum fuel economy.

T models use Yamaha’s patented Dual-Thrust propeller to provide full thrust in Forward and Reverse
– making light work of manoeuvring a heavy boat. The lightweight T 8hp is perfectly portable and the comfortable-to-use, integrated carrying handle helps too.

Offering the same technical features and advantages of the ever-popular 8hp – but more – this T version is like a powerful workhorse – designed never to let you down.

Special gear ratios for higher thrust

The T engines are purpose designed to
deliver greater thrust and torque than a
conventional engine and their special gear ratios help prevent cavitation and prop0 slippage. They work in combination with other unique features to provide the ideal power source for boats where loadhauling capability is more important than high speed.

Dual-thrust props for maximum power in Forward & Reverse

The special propellers tted to the TModels are not only of a larger than normal diameter, but have low pitch blades,designed to maximise thrust in both Forward and – by re-directing the exhaust ow – in Reverse too. This gives greater manoeuvrability, which is  specially helpful when handling a heavier boat

Latest-generation engine design - e ciency and power

The T 8hp is a very compact and supere cient engine design, with twin cylinder, SOHC (Single Overhead Camshaft) con guration. The stylish and compact design of the top cowling and graphics also re ects the modern approach to be found on all our latest-generation engines.

Advanced tiller handle design and controls

For the 8hp and T 8hp, a fully ergonomic design approach has been adopted for the tiller handle and controls. The handle is a very convenient length and the shift lever is ideally positioned on the handle, within easy reach, for con dent, relaxed control. The easy-fold-up handle arrangement makes carrying and storage a breeze.

Rest pad for vertical storage position

This exciting engine features some other very practical re nements that make storage a breeze. The special rest-pad allows you to store the T 8hp vertically -or simply lie it on its back on the deck or oor – and with the new fold-back tiller handle, you can be sure that your outboard will be taking up less space on board or at home.

High-output alternator

Never get left short of electrical power. A High-output alternator is a standard
feature on our T series of outboard engines, ensuring that power is always available to start the engine – even after prolonged periods of idling or when you’ve been running at low revs and using multiple accessories.

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