Technology the world trusts

Whether you enjoy the thrill of water sports or just relaxing on your boat, choose the engine that helps you get more out of your time on the water

Every engine in our range uses Yamaha’s latest marine technologies, engine layouts and ingenious intake and exhaust systems – and our 4-stroke development has been so successful because, rather than just adapting ordinary automotive engines for the water, we design and build our marine-speci cation 4-strokes from scratch.

And, without compromising on power, performance or usability, Yamaha’s specially designed marine engines also help to preserve the environment through the use of pioneering clean-burn technologies.

  • Single-lever steering friction (Tiller
  • New tough and solid one-piece top
  • New battery-less EFI system for easy
  • Manual, electric and manual/electric
    start options
  • VTS (Variable Trolling Speed) option
    Slower-than-normal idle speed with VTS option
  • Compatible with Yamaha Digital
    Network Gauges
  • Big-engine’ feature – Power Tilt option
  • Exclusive Y-COP immobiliser security
  • Multi-function tiller handle option
  • Single-lever steering friction (Tiller
  • High-output alternator for extra
    starting power

Technology the world trusts

If you’re looking for the winning combination of easy handling and great control, look no further than
the reliable 20hp.

This versatile, twin-cylinder 4-stroke combines power and responsiveness – and delivers a supersmooth ride. Outstanding fuel economy also means that you’re being kinder to the environment, with exhaust emissions cut to a minimum.

Enjoy too, the many extras that only a Yamaha outboard delivers. Bene ts like computer-controlled ignition, a special light-load starting system, a water-cooled fuel pump, and a large-volume silencer – all normally only found on larger engines. For commercial, professional or leisure use, it adds up to a winning formula.

Steering friction

You’ll nd the 15hp very easy to control
and comfortable to drive, thanks to its
many features – from the front-mounted
shift lever and single-lever steering
friction adjuster to the light-load recoil
starter. A built-in handle on the steering
bracket and resting pads on the rear,
make for convenient handling and
portability too.


Start your outboard engine as easily as
starting a car – even from cold. Exclusive to Yamaha, the PrimeStart™ system ensure that the engine res rst time, every time you engage either the Electric or Manual Start.

High-output alternator

Never get left short. A High-output
alternator ensures that power is always
available to start the engine – even after
prolonged periods of idling or when you’ve been running at low revs and using numerous accessories.

Shallow Water Drive system

Cruise towards the shore with con dence
thanks to Yamaha’s Shallow Water Drive
system. O ering ample protection for
your propeller, it allows you to get as
close as you need to be, no matter
whether you’re cruising a murky lake or
the crystal clear shallows of the sea.

F-N (Forward-Neutral) gears for easy control

Manual gear selection allows the engine
to be warmed up in Neutral. The propeller will not turn until Forward is selected for safer idling. Ensures smoother acceleration and better control especially when turning. On Electric Start versions, the power supply to the starter motor is isolated until Neutral is selected.

High-output alternator - keeps the power coming

The F20 will be put to a wide variety of
tasks, from shing at night to coastal
cruising, so its high-output alternator is a
comforting feature, ensuring that power
should always be available to start the
engine – even after prolonged periods of
idling or if you’ve been running at low revs and using numerous accessories

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