YAMAHA 2.5 BMH Short


Technology the world trusts

Whether you enjoy the thrill of water sports or just relaxing on your boat, choose the engine that helps you get more out of your time on the water.

Every engine in our range uses Yamaha’s latest marine technologies, engine layouts and ingenious intake and exhaust systems – and our 4-stroke development has been so successful because, rather than just adapting ordinary automotive engines for the water, we design and build our marine-speci cation 4-strokes from scratch.

Without compromising on power, performance or usability, these specially designed engines also help preserve the environment with the use of pioneering clean-burn technologies.

  • Greater combustion e ciency and
    lower emissions
  • 3-position oil leak-free storage system
  • Full size shift lever for easy gear
  • F-N (Forward-Neutral) gears for easy
  • 360º steering makes manoeuvring a
    real pleasure
  • Large and comfortable rear carrying
  • Integral see-through fuel tank for
  • Strong tiller handle with easy twistgrip throttle
  • Steering friction adjustment for
  • Convenient inspection window for oil
    level check
  • TCI Ignition System for reliable
  • Auto decompression system makes
    starting easy

Technology the world trusts

The remarkably compact 2.5hp is the perfect way to get out and enjoy the water, turning even the shortest boat ride into an enjoyable adventure.

This popular portable, with its stylish shape, is both clean and quiet, with a host of user-friendly features. It’s packed full of pioneering Yamaha technology – and packs a punch too – o ering plenty of power, superb handling and easy manoeuvrability. It also makes the ideal auxiliary engine for yacht owners.

A choice of convenient storage positions, a handy see-through fuel tank and simple, intuitive controls, all within easy reach – along with a large and comfortable carry-handle – make this 4-stroke the smartest choice of all.

New looks - and new combustion e ciency

Hidden away under its smart new round cowling, with its three-position storage capability (stand it on either side or on the front) are a host of engine improvements that make the 2.5hp more ecient.In turn,the improved combustion eciency makes this remarkable engine quieter and more economical – with lower exhaust emissions.

Convenient user-friendly gear and throttle controls

A full size shift lever is normally found only on larger engines, but the ability to
engage gear so easily and precisely is a real plus for the 2.5hp. In fact, the
convenient positioning of all the key
controls, combined with the ease and
precision of the 360º steering system,
helps put ultimate control at your

360º steering for instant direction changes

The rst time you take the 2.5hp out on the water, you’ll quickly appreciate how agile it is. The full 360º steering o ers exceptional manoeuvrability and means full reverse thrust is always available without having to shift gears. In addition, the new, larger rear carrying handle is very convenient for
steering in reverse.

Built-in see-through fuel tank

When you plan a trip, it’s nice to know
you’ll have room for all the necessary gear. To give you more space inside your boat, the 2.5hp has a built-in fuel tank, eliminating the need for a separate one on the oor. What’s more, the new tank is a special see-through design that allows you to keep an easy check on the fuel level at all times.

Strong full size tiller handle with twist-grip throttle and integrated cables

The latest 2.5hp’s tiller handle, featuring a new, large and comfortable twist-grip throttle, allows easy control of the engine, while the side-mounted shift selector is also very convenient to use. The result is superb handling and manoeuvrability. The kill switch and throttle cable are integrated into the design.

Convenient steering friction adjustment

You’ll nd the 2.5hp incredibly easy to
handle, thanks to its many user-friendly
control features, but it also has handy
controls for steering friction and throttle
adjustment. This allows both steering and throttle to be adjusted easily when you’re out on the water and provides great stability and control, even at higher speeds

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